For those with open eyes and patriotic hearts it has been apparent for quite some time that America is on a dangerous course—both domestically and in matters of foreign policy. Unless reversed, that path ultimately will lead to the destruction of this richly blessed country that has been not just a shining light on a hill, but a beacon of freedom and the last best hope for oppressed peoples throughout the world. This site has been created to join like-minded patriots in sounding the clarion call to our fellow Americans, doing the job the mainstream media refuse to do by exposing the destructive behavior of our elected officials. At times the tone may be unapologetically angry. At other times we’ll point out the absurd and laughable. We may even throw in a story or two about spiritual and military heroes and, perhaps, about entertainers who uplift rather than debase our culture. But through it all, our motivation will be a deep love of country and an abiding faith and trust in God Almighty, without whom we are all surely doomed.   This is your time, America. Be the country you were created to be.

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  1. Sandy says:

    So being addicted to Twitter wasn’t enough? Now I have to look here too …..

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