An Open Letter to Sean Hannity


So, Sean Hannity, principled conservatives are the problem? We’ve heard you say over and over and over again that if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, any real conservatives who refuse to vote for him in the general election and, instead, “pout, pick up their little toys and go home like a bunch of babies,” will be handing the election to Hillary Clinton.

Oh really. But you have no indictment for those who are currently supporting Donald Trump, one of the most unpresidential, unprincipled, immoral, dishonest, mentally unstable people ever to seek the most powerful office in the world? You have no righteous condemnation for those non-thinking, uninformed Hamlin rats who are putting us in a position where rock-ribbed conservatives must choose between a certifiably insane Donald Trump and the serial criminal Hillary Clinton? Why not? They’re the ones creating this totally avoidable train wreck. They could fix it right now by voting for the most qualified, principled conservative candidate in our lifetime—Ted Cruz. But you’re not saying that to Trump supporters are you? No, you don’t want to sacrifice your precious objectivity by telling your audience the truth about Trump. You don’t want to tell his supporters how much harm they’re doing.

And what exactly is required to support “The Donald” anyway? What kind of qualities must the average Trump fan have? Well, it appears one has to be able to say, “Damn right! I hate the media, too! . . . Yeah boy! I like hot women, too! . . . You got that right, he’s gonna get in there and kick some ass! . . . You better believe we’ll make those Mexicans pay to build a wall! . . . Punch ‘em in the mouth if they don’t agree with us! . . . I don’t care what  Trump says or does, I like his style! . . . He’s an outsider! . . . He’s not a politician!” And, Mr. Hannity, you’ve got no condemnation for the politically illiterate, uninformed Trump fans who spout such childish drivel? You give them a total, unconditional pass for their unbelievably harmful behavior? You’ve got no finger of blame to point at them for putting us in our current situation?

No, you save your greatest (and only) condemnation for those of us who have embraced and lived by traditional conservative values throughout our lives. You save it for those of us who have studied history. You save it for those of us who have studied the respective records of all the candidates. You save it for those of us who know, love and revere the Constitution. You save it for those of us who are voracious readers and are totally on top of the news of the day. You say it’ll be OUR fault if Hillary wins. You say, in essence, the people supporting Trump NOW don’t have to have any principles at all . . . and that’s okay. But if those of us who DO have principles and live by them won’t abandon them to put a certifiable nutcase like Trump in the White House, we’re to blame for Hillary’s election?

Sorry, buddy. But if Hillary is elected, it’ll be because of those who embrace a cult of personality rather than a reverence for all that has made America great. It’ll be because of people who want the immediate gratification of being able to go to a rally and yell out, “Hell yeah! Me too!” rather than the long-term stability of electing a strong adult to lead us through incredibly perilous times. Finally, it’ll be because of people like you who condemn those of us with character, unwavering principles and reverence for the Constitution, rather than talking directly to Trump supporters and asking them, “What the hell is wrong with you people? We can’t elect this madman. We’ve had one for the past 7 years. America can’t survive another one!”

I pray Ted Cruz wins this nomination as, in a sane America of 20 years ago, he surely would have. He has come along at a time when America needs someone exactly like him to pull us back from the brink, remind us of our wondrous history and lead us with faith in something bigger than himself. He absolutely should win.

But if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, rest assured, his insane pronouncements, his vulgar behavior, his ability to “be whatever I need to be,” his embracing of government-run health care, his support of Planned Parenthood, his “everything is negotiable” attitude, his suggestion that his liberal sister would be a good Supreme Court justice, his mean-spirited and dishonest treatment of Ted Cruz and other candidates, and his lack of core principles of any kind will not win my vote. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. But I will sleep in rather than pull the lever for an equally despicable Donald J. Trump.

Shame on you, Sean, for attacking people like me, rather than joining us. I’m a long-time listener and I expected better from you.

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4 Responses to An Open Letter to Sean Hannity

  1. Rick Barackoboehner says:

    In certifiably insane, foul-mouth, simple-man ChickenTrump speak:

  2. Annie says:

    Well said.

  3. Joanne muck says:

    Thank you for this truth. Go Cruz!

  4. Agree 100%. Thanks for saying it so well.

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