Here’s the Ultimate Weapon Against Evil

IMG_8536I have some thoughts on the general topic of gun control, but I don’t want to get into that here. What I do want to say is that it saddens me that every time there’s a high profile shooting in America, the solutions proposed by many in government and on social media invariably focus on the particular weapons used and never seem to mention instilling character, godliness and a reverence for life in our children. When was the last time you heard any TV talking heads mention the Bible as the obvious place to start changing hearts and changing behavior?

In spite of the fact that early schools in this country were founded to teach students to read the Bible (“Truth for Christ and the Church” was the founding motto for Harvard in 1636)–-in the belief that a literate, spiritually grounded populace would lead to a more civil society–-suggesting adding a morning devotion to a kids’ school day would be met with outrage today. “Separation of church and state!” Yes, the go-to response when those who’ve never read the Constitution try to tell the rest of us what’s in it.

FYI, the “separation” isn’t in the Constitution. It wasn’t a factor in our lives until an activist Supreme Court in the early ’60s turned the 1st Amendment on its head and defined it exactly opposite of what the Founders intended. And God has been pushed farther and farther from the public square ever since. Which, at long last, is all to say . . . parents, read this book with your kids. A society full of people doing that will have far fewer tragic occasions leading us all to scratch our heads and ask “why?”

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