John Boehner Serves Up Another Betrayal of Conservatives


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3 Responses to John Boehner Serves Up Another Betrayal of Conservatives

  1. They spend like they kust won the lottery..Why worry, most of our congressman are well taken care of and so are the generations that come after them..

  2. Sandy says:

    He basically screwed us over & over, setting the stage for Trump. McConnell is the same..
    Rubio knows term limits is the only way to curb this kind of nose thumbing; can do it via Convention of States.

  3. A statesman s job is to have an unrelenting nerve and a steel will, and to seek what is best for the country. Making government functional is certainly part of that, but so is being a persistent and aggressive advocate for your beliefs, and forcing your opponents to both fear and respect you. That wasn t John Boehner.

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