So, Obamacare won. Is it time to just accept it and move on?


With today’s horribly misguided Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare subsidies nationwide (, many who were hoping for a different outcome are finally admitting defeat and saying, “Obamacare is here to say. Let’s learn to live with it.” In fact, one of my conservative Facebook friends made an eloquent post saying just that, stating it’s time to pick up the pieces, stop fighting and just move on. I couldn’t disagree more, and here’s what I told him:

Obamacare is a monstrosity that must be removed. It’s obvious the courts won’t do their duty since they are far more interested in what they think was intended than in what’s actually written in the lines of the law. But Obamacare can and should still be repealed on Jan. 20, 2017 if by some miracle enough Americans come to their senses to get a constitution-loving President in the White House. I’m sure there were numerous times in our history when women were told, “Forget it. You’re not getting the vote. Let’s just stop fighting about it. You lost.” And, “Black people, you’re not sitting at the Woolworth’s lunch counter. Forget it  You can eat out back like you always do. You lost. Let’s just move on.”

That whole concept of saying, yes, more than 300 million good and decent people were lied to, manipulated and strong-armed by their own government in the “land of the free” so angers me that it’s all I can do to remember I’m still a Christian. But I do remember. Yet that doesn’t mean I’ll just be herded over the cliff quietly. How can any of us? You said it quite plainly, who will pay for this? And you know the answer. It will come through drastically diminished services, especially for seniors. It will come through rationing of care. It will come through the premature deaths of many wonderful people who could have lived several more productive years with the health care we had 10 years ago. Are you really just saying, okay . . . you win? We’ll all just start dying sooner and living like good little robots, standing in line for the meager health care the GOVERNMENT WHO WORKS FOR US is willing to let us have?

You say that Obamacare will bankrupt us and that it’s time to rebuild our country. But there’s the problem in a nutshell. Obamacare was INTENDED to bankrupt us. And, after years of letting our government (mostly through our schools) systematically dismantle the foundational building blocks of our nation—morally, spiritually, financially, culturally, etc.—how much is left to build on if we don’t take a stand to save one of our greatest strengths as a nation—the world’s best health care? There will come a time when it truly is too late to do anything, once the guns have all been confiscated and a generation with a few patriots has died while another generation of clueless young people has arrived . . . but that time is not now.

Accepting the travesty that has been committed against the American people and the raping of our wondrous Constitution makes us no better than a banana republic where a tin-horn dictator and his co-horts can push the rest of us around with impunity. Too many brave American men and women have bled and died to preserve exactly what is being taken away. Is this how we honor them, by throwing in the towel? By saying you fought the good fight . . . but we won’t? Evil is never pacified, never mollified. Evil is ravenous and must continually be fed with the acquiescence of the good . . . or else it dies. The evil of Obamacare needs to die. I for one will never participate in it. Never.

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