Will someone please tell pro-abortion feminists how to avoid getting pregnant?



I was reading something about abortion recently and it prompted a thought about what many of the pro-abortion crowd are saying when they demand the right to kill their unborn children. What they’re really saying should be a huge insult to thinking women everywhere . . . and that is:

“Gee, I don’t want to get pregnant, but I’m just not smart enough to know how to avoid it; I don’t have self-control enough to keep from having sex that might lead to a child I don’t want; I’m not able to afford to buy the devices and/or pills that would prevent it; and I’m unable to control my own body before I’m pregnant, but demand that I have total life-and-death control over SOMEONE ELSE’S body after I’ve unintentionally/carelessly gotten pregnant.”

For all the blustering and posturing from pro-abortion feminists about how strong they are and how in-control they are of their own lives, not knowing how or not being morally strong enough to keep from getting pregnant makes them seem like the weakest of the weak. They cheer-lead with slogans like “Women can do anything!” “Women can run corporations, and women can run countries!” “Women can rule the world!” But then, somehow, it seems to become this whimpering,  ”Well, gosh, I just can’t seem to figure out how to keep from getting pregnant.” Come on, ladies. Which is it? Are you able to rule the world or are you incapable of avoiding getting pregnant? Seems to me you can’t have it both ways.

And, yes, I’m very aware that there are children conceived via rape and children conceived as a result of birth control methods that didn’t work as intended. But, I would be surprised if those instances added up to even a percentage point or two of the total number of babies killed each year. The simple truth is that the overwhelming majority of abortions are performed as an “after-the-fact” contraceptive. And they are chosen by women who weren’t serious about not having a child . . . until they were already pregnant.
Okay, I’m ready. Let the arrows fly.

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